On of the tallest ladder in the world! Zurich, Switzerland. AMAZING!

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Photo: Toni V.
OK, this is not a cat-ladder, its a CHICKEN-LADDER!!! Very stylish.

Friesland, Netherlands.

Photo: Deborah Salverda.
Photo: Lauren Simpson

This man has it all. A six-pack of beer and a cat-ladder.

Portland, OR, USA.
Photo: Erik.
Surwold, Germany.

Photo: Tierheim Surwold.
Årsta, Stockholm, Sweden.
Lubek, Germany.
Photo: Robert Fitzjohn.
Björkhagen, Stockholm, Sweden.

Zurich, Switzerland.

Photo: Markus Peretti.

Bagarmossen, Stockholm, Sweden.
Photo: Klaatu.
Photo: Barbara.

Zermatt, Switzerland.

Gubbängen, Stockholm, Sweden.
Look how funny this person think it is to build a cat-ladder!

San Francisco, USA. Photo:
Daniel Greene.

Kärrtorp, Stockholm, Sweden.
Björkhagen, Stockholm, Sweden.

Very nice ladder in Bingen, Germany. Photo: Melanie Lorenz.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Photo: Mark Atkinson.

This ladder has been publish here before. Check out the pics!
Solna, Stockholm, Sweden.
Zurich, Switzerland.

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Kurt Betschart AG.

Årsta, Stockholm, Sweden.
OK, time for the culture-section here on the blog. Cat Ladder Art!

Marcio Melo

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