Zurich, Switzerland.

Photo: Julie Rosser
Bern, Switzerland.
Photo: Rebeccay Pedro
San Francisco, USA.

Photo: Jennifer Krauel.

This adorable stairway was hand made for the time when her cat is too old to jump up on the table to use the litterbox. Note the red stripe continues past the stairs across the table as a handy guide. Kim says there was no irony involved in this whatsoever.
Photo: Steev Bee .
Midsommarkransen, Stockholm, Sweden.

Photo: Martinas Tankar.
The Netherlands.

Photo: Jancient.
Freiburg, Germany.

Photo: MacMurphy
Bogota, Colombia.

Photo: Pattoncito.

The first ladder from South America, yippie!!!
Problem in the hood! A "angry" german shepherd guard the cat-ladder!

Bagarmossen, Sweden.

Niklas Pivic.

Björnäs, Sweden.

Photo: Holograf.
Eureka, California, USA.

Photo: Frithmobiles.

See a fun moving gif and reed the whole story about the ladder here!
Photo: Majrzobabe.