Kopenhagener-Street in Berlin Germany.
Photo: Imaginator.

It's the third picture on this ladder.
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Photo: Meow - die Katzenwelt!
More pictures and MOVIES at the link.
A Cat-Elavator! Amazing!

Bietigheim, Germany.

Würenlingen, Switzerland.
Photo: Nagerwerkstatt. See the photo section for more fun picures.

Andlarp, Sweden.
Photo: Anne-Marie

Brand new ladder. The cat is not sure he wants to use it yet
Seattle, WA, USA.
Photo: Miles Crawford.

Canton Solothurn, Schweiz.

Cool indoor ladders and ramps!
More stuff here.
Skinnskatteberg, Sweden.
Photo: Miss Michelle
The Netherlands.
Photo: Conari.

Lewis Griffin in London Fields, London, UK have construct a new fantastic ladder for his cats!

Take a look at the first ladder here. Same amazing style!

Photo: Monica P.
Creux du Van, Switzerland.

Another picture at this ladder HERE.
La Garde, Switzerland.
Photo: Miles Crawford.

Athens, Alabama, USA.
Photo: KJ Garner .
Hallstadt, Austria.
Photo: Rotkraut.C.R
Gröndal, Stockholm, Sweden.

More spiral staircases from CATTRIP.

Photo: Ismenegiry

You find this ladder under the window of the bed-and-breakfast place called Maison Dubois in the town Le Locle in Switzerland.

Photo: Based In Villigen. THANK YOU!
Somewhere in Switzerland.
Photo: Roman Zollet.

Böblingen, Germany.
Photo: Stefan Huth.

Münchenstein, Switzerland.
WOW! Maybe one of the best cat-ladders in the world.
Build by Schoolyard. Click to enlarge.
Midsommarkransen, Stockholm, Sweden.
Leipzig , Germany.
Photo: Isabel.