A friend who was renting my loft had a cat who didn't get along with mine (and they were also indoor) so I built this cat ladder. There's a sheet of plexiglass on the front and carpet is on the treads. A ramp at the top that's perpendicular to the other ones led to a cat door on the second floor and there's another at the bottom. I set up a camera to capture this video of it in action. Enjoy!



Your blogspot has helped me and my cat greatly. I send you some pictures. Would be nice to see them in the catladder gallery. They are a bit like the catladder from Groningen (The Netherlands). Me and my cat Luca Little Lightbeam live in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Thank you and keep up the good spirits.

// Elvira

Checking it out.


One down to two.

In the middle. Shall I stay here?

Moving on.

Two more.

Down is also nice.

Checking it out again.

Great use of a fence by, John D. Sewell in North Carolina, USA.

The Netherlands: Dierenkliniek Zamenhofdreef.

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Photo: Cat Mum