Germany. Photo: Falt-Katzenleiter.

Germany. Photo: Katzenwendeltreppe .

Sweden. Photo: Unknown.


Sweden may not took the most medals in the Olympics, but they top the list of most cat-ladders in the world. Here are the top five!

1. Sweden: 244 images.
2. Switzerland: 152 images..
3. Germany: 130 images..
4. USA: 58 images..
5. The Netherlands: 36 images..

Norway ended up last!

Germany. Photo: Jacqueline Rose-Luther.



I am selling here my about 4.50 m long cat stairs to self-collectors, because our cat is unfortunately no longer come home! Our cat has the cat stairs adopted very quickly (just treats lay on the stairs ...).
The photo was taken when the staircase has just been installed about two years ago - it has formed on some edges of a gray deposit, which would have to be scrubbed times when the staircase is broken down and a staircase must be screwed again. The cats staircase has been so created by a carpenter that they can last for many years outdoors.

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Oh my goodness what a high staircase!!!! Niederglatt, Switzerland. Photo: Sakamoto7.

Zürich, Switzerland. Nice plastic pipe at the top of the stairs.

Switzerland. For sale!

Switzerland. Photo: Melody.

Here is a nice movie from the company Rank Design in Switzerland. Check out their website for more pictures and price.

Katzenwendeltreppe by rankdesigns from rankdesigns on Vimeo.

This beauty in Germany could be yours! Buy it for 60 EUR on Ebay!

Really beautiful ladder in Lahr in Germany. Looks like it home build!

Germany. Photo: Mattes.

Bonus picture today. Cat-ladder on a car trailer!