I wanted to thank you for the inspiration and contribute to the blog with some photo. It took me 20 hours to finish it, which include, wood gathering and transportation and 2 hours of cat playing time. Total cost 6E for the screws. Build in Pont Saint Martin, Valle d'Aosta, Italy. Thanks and right on!


This ladder I really like. Built of collected branches and some screws for only 6 euros. Of course, also worth a place in Cat Ladder Hall Of Fame.
Click on images to zoom and you can see all the details.

Love the site. I just finished making a ramp to the top of a shed I just built. Unfortunately I won't have a cat to try it out until December when he will probably say theres no sun to bask in on top of shed !!
Moongazer and my wife JoAnna are in Kansas City until they come here permanently in December. Moons will NOT have to go into quarantine as he has been microchipped, rabies innoculated etc.

Regards, Derek

Northampton UK

Check the left side of the picture and you will see a staircase. Photo by Kimjones59 in the wonderful small town Rocamadour in France.

London, UK. Photo: David B.

Lidingö, Stockholm, Sweden. Photo: PP.

Here you have an amazing film that shows when two cats use their new staircase for the first time. It is ten minutes long but well worth seeing!

Film by: Campecina48.
Germany. Photo: Chris Müller.

This I liked very much! So much that I post it on the Cat Ladder Hall Of Fame. Check it out!