Switzerland. Photo: Ragandi.

Germany. Photo: Unknown.

Germany. Photo: Janz.

Germany. Photo: Don Edwards.

Nice one in Switzerland. Photo: Marceln.

Check this out! Detailed instructions how to build your own cat ladder. Extensively described with exactly what you need including a lot of pictures! Follow this link.

Photo: Robert in California, US.
Gullmarsplan, Stockholm, Sweden. Photo: Me!

Katzenleiter from solid wood, height 5 m, single stairs covered with artificial turf = brings a good hold for the cat in the wet and snow. Photo: Maus9. Switzerland.

Spiral ladder up to the balcony. So nice.

Photo: Jackass1.

7.4 meters of fun! Switzerland. Photo: Karin.M.M.

Practical staircase and lookout point for the cats, somewhere in Germany. Photo: Ulrike L.

Look at this. Cat friendly house indeed! I've never seen anything like it.

Photo: Doris Pemler, Switzerland.
Germany: Photo: Samtbällchen. This I enjoyed. It deserves a place in the Cat Ladder Hall Of Fame!