Some kind of ladder and a cat-bridge.

Karlshafen, Germany.
Photo: Ninouche.
Åland, Finland.
Photo: Cecilia Dahlblom.

Zurich, Switzerland.
Photo: Doris Pemler.

Berchtesgaden, Germany.
Photo: Joel Surcouf.

This is the fourth picture of this ladder - here are the other ones again!

Photo: Daniele.

Photo: CM Varga.

Photo: FortunaAurum Joe.
Warsaw, Poland.
Photo: Kot-dziewczynka (Little Cat-Girl).

Björkhagen, Stockholm, Sweden.

Hallstadt, Austria.
Photo: Susie Williams.

This ladder have been published here before at another season, of the year. Here it is again!

Photo: Kristi Diller.

Read the whole story about the cat rescue here.
Erlangen, Nürnberg, Germany.
Photo: Erlangen Virtuell

Photo: Lukefrancl.
A couple of weeks ago LA Weekly contacted me to do an interview about my interest in cat-ladders and this blog.

Now it's up on their website, to read it click here: LA WEEKLY.
This is for you Christopher (the blind indoor cat). More pictures of those fun ladders here.

Photo: Gail.
Pfäffikon, Switzerland.
Schwyter Handwerk Service.
Bandhagen, Stockholm, Sweden.

Smart cat uses a garage door as an elevator to get down from the roof!

Lake Geneva, Switzerland.
Photo: Wendy J.
Nice one!
Photo: Lapidarium.
Tallinn, Estonia.
Photo: Christian Gerber.

Åland, Finland.

Photo: Cecilia Dahlblom.