Wipkingen in Zürich, Switzerland. Many thanks to my
old friend, Based in Villigen.blogspot.

Photo: Sabineshollywood.

Hi there,

Inspired by your website I had Nienke from Stadshout Amsterdam make this for my two cats Dexter and Louis. As you can see, it's quite high, about 9 meters or so. Louis went down twice, Dexter is still a bit afraid of hights. But for now, they think it's too cold to go outside. Hopefully they will use it more often when temperatures will go up again.

But thanks a lot for the inspiration!

The Netherlands

Easy to fit individual elements (wall mounting) The smart elegant design is made of stainless steel sheet. This guarantees a maintenance-free long-term durability. The upper side of the elements is coated with a thick green plastic felt. Thus, the cat has the zigzag climb with their claws a secure fit. With the supporting stainless steel plate, the cat is out of the contact. The ladder can be extended further enhanced with pedestals. The elements can be traditionally mounted as long sloping board also over the corner or. With just under 75 € / altitude this is the cheapest solution.

Buy your very own at,, Cocuzza Bau und Sonnenschutztechnik.

Germany. Photo: MopsFidel25.

New link added. Buy your own cat ladder from JP! Holz Design.

Bern, Switzerland. Photo: Bern und Umgebung.

Do not really know why, but I love this staircase. So much so that it even qualified for the Cat Ladder Hall Of Fame!
It is perhaps not even for a cat. Maybe it's some lazy bastard who does not want to go down with his letters to the mailbox. It's a mystery!

Larger Image! It is the future.

Fine ladder! Look to the right of the bottom picture. It really looks like there has been another staircase there. As if they have removed the lower part. To sad.

Find an error.

Germany. Photo: Smilla.

Hi Catladders

I just wanted to send you a video of my cat ladder, which my 2 cats have used to get in and out of the house for about a year.

/ T Brixen, Denmark

Germany. Photo: Katzenwendeltreppe.

Germany. Photo: Katzenwendeltreppe.