There are more than cat-ladder. Please visit my photoblog.

Photo: Detailsuche

I come from Poland - city Wroclaw.
I'm sending to You photos of my handmade ladder. Our cat Kedi found the way to home about one month after ladder assembling.

First she has to go down by small "on roof ladder", then from balcon she has to go by small "balcon - tree ladder" on the tree and then from tree on ground - and she is on court - Easy!


// Vezemir

Photo: Superduper

New Hampshire, UK.
Photo: Naomi and Matt.

We need help here!

The cat Lafayette hasn't yet dared to climb the new ladder. Does anyone have any tips to get her to use the ladder? Please, write your tips in the comment box!
Hey Cat-Ladder Person,

We just built our very own cat ladder yesterday. Your blog helped a bunch to get us inspiration. Here's a link to the documentation of the project.

Link: Facebook (with 26 more pictures)

Our cat Lafayette hasn't yet dared to climb it but we are hopeful.

Thanks for the site,


// Sarah and Florian

Photo: Margaret

Moscow, Russia.
Photo: Vas Nick

Nice homepage.
I have a picture which might fit to the page.
This is a photo of a catladder under construction. And from the right angle it looked likes hearts.
I hope that you find it suitable for your homepage.


Photo: Zwahlen Haustechniks

Björkhagen, Stockholm, Sweden.
Photo: Lars Epstein.

Hallstadt, Austria,

Link to link to an older image of the same ladder.
Photo: Ringgeist