London, UK. Photo: Richard Cudlip


Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Photo: Marianne Kohsiek & Arno van Meurs.

Guldheden district of Gothenburg. Photo: Jonas Levin

There are more in life than cat-ladder. Please visit my photoblog.
Austria. Photo: Die Pfote

Jena, Germany. Photo: Mobiler Schweißerservice

Aarau, Switzerland. Photo: Jessica Rolfini.

Albany, Oregon, USA. Photo: Jody

I've been making cat runs and ladders everywhere I live, to increase cat space. I get cats fixed, as many as I can round up, but then end up with cats without options, hoping for homes. Overhead cat runs, with ladders and cat yards increase cat space and they love them.

Attached are a few photos of my latest endeavors. One ladder I made from an old box spring frame I couldn't get rid of. I painted it pink and attached some carpet pieces for easier climbing and the cats use it to access the upper cat runs.

I included a photo of cat ladder along one wall (brother is landord, thank god), a series of boards they jump up to access the upper wall perimeter runs.

Jody in Albany, Oregon

Fort Bragg, California, USA. Photo: Earl Oliver


I found your blog when I went looking for a commercial product to give my 4 cats
another access point into our home in Fort Bragg, CA. Looking at your wonderful
photos inspired me to build a cat ladder instead.

What prompted the necessity was that my wife and I adopted a neighbor's dog back
in August. The dog is a very large and athletic animal, and our neighbor just
couldn't handle him properly. He was looking for a new home for "River", so we
agreed to take over his care.

Our immediate problem was that the dog really wants to play with our cats, but
they don't see it that way. The solution was to divide the house between the two
species. The dog gets the front part of the house, the living room, dining room
and kitchen - the cats get the back - the laundry room and the bedrooms and
bathroom. The original cat entrance was through a cat door in the front door. We
needed to create an entrance through the laundry room window - a cat ladder was
the perfect solution.

The ladder, and attached deck are constructed from redwood planks - redwood
being essential for use in our very damp climate, since it doesn't rot.

Thank you so much for your site.

Earl Oliver

Bristol, UK. Photo: Rachel H