Absolutely stunning cat ladder in the suburb Hagersten in Stockholm, Sweden. Good thinking with the little roof over the final step, so that the cat can lie there in peace and quiet even when it's raining a little. Should I complain about anything, it is perhaps a little high between the different steps. Much higher than anything I've seen before. Anyway an incredible ladder!
Photo: @maya_catwalk at Instgram.

Love this cat-ladder in Switzerland. Photo: Warngau.

Like it so much that it qualifies in the Hall of Fame.
I do not usually post these kinds of indoor ladders, but I make an exception because I know the man who sent them. He did not know that it was me who have this blog and Instagram account, so now I feel ashamed a bit next time we meet.


Here's a cat ladder I built in our bed room, leading from the floor to our wardrobe (via a shelf over the door). Location Sthlm/Sweden.


8 m tall cat-ladder in Zurich, Switzerland. Photo: JH.

Ladder in Switzerland. Photo: R. Rudin.

Many thanks to Celia from Britain! It was kind of you. You know what I mean :)