This is the ladder for my 2 cats, not very beautiful, but it works - when I put small treats on the steps :-)

//Sibylle S, Odense, Denmark

This has been featured on the blog before, but is well worth a repeat. Perhaps the most artistic cat-ladder in the world. Is it even an cat-ladder? I do not know. Why would a hotel have a cat-ladder? Anyway, it can be seen in reality at Hotel Limmathof in Baden, Switzerland,

You can see it in the lower right portion of the image. Click to enlarge.

Photo: Here I Walk.
Germany. Photo: Karl Gatzmanga.

Read an article in a German newspaper on the ladder here (Google Translate).
Another snowy picture! As it should be this time of year.

Photo: McNich.
The Netherlands. Photo: Rienk Mebius.

Time again for some cat-ladder sightseeing! This time to the Stockholm suburb Stureby. Click the link here to see more of the surrounding area. There are a few more ladders in the nearby.
Beware of the black Peugeot with flames on the hood parked further down the street. Sometimes I am ashamed to be Swedish!

Photo: Margreeth.

Maybe not the best picture, but guess what? There is a CAT LADDER picture and it is more than enough to qualify for this blog. Photo: Themis. Thanks!

Sweden. Photo: Morrchen.

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Have you always wanted a cat-ladder, but not quite been able to build one yourself? Buy this!

Stockholm, Sweden. Photo: Niklas.

Like this staircase? buy it! I'd done it myself if I had a cat. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to most animals, but feeding a pair of magpies on the balcony. Their favorite food is kebab with french fries.

This beauty can be yours. Buy it on Ebay. You can find the ad here.

Bern, Switzerland. Photo: Stefan-Rovetto.

Photo: Danyo.