High ladder in Gubbängen just outside of Stockholm, Sweden.
Cat friendly neighbours in "Bagis". Four ladders on the same house. Amazing stuff! Stockholm, Sweden.

Nice one in Hammarbyhöjden, Stockholm, Sweden.

Stairs for the cat down to the basement.

Portland, Oregon, USA. Photo: Kathie Leck.
Riga, Latvia.
Ladder in the suburb Tallkrogen, south of Stockholm, Sweden.
Stockholm, Sweden.

Königsee, Bayern, Germany.

Ladder in the suburb "Bagis" in Stockholm, Sweden. A few more steps would be nice.

Långbro, Stockholm, Sweden. Photo: Matti Klasson.
Missing cat-ladder part one.

Signs on the wall from an old ladder.

Bagarmossen, Stockholm, Sweden.
Fredhäll, Stockholm, Sweden.
Basel, Switzerland.
Årsta, Stockholm, Sweden. Photo: Katt-Trappa.
Switzerland. Photo:

Extreme steep ladder!
Bagarmossen, Stockholm, Sweden.
Photo: Katt-Trappa.
Fun ladders at Mariahochheim cat and dog boarding house in Germany.

Bagarmossen, Stockholm, Sweden.
Hjorthagen, Stockholm, Sweden. Photo: Katt-Trappa.
Cat-Ladder art
part 4.

This cat don't need any silly ladder to get home.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Photo: Rick van Hemert.

Ladder-Art 1
Ladder-Art 2
Ladder-Art 3

Panzano, Italy.
Malmö, Sweden. Photo: Moa Andersdotter
Look at the upper right corner. Yes, it is a cat-ramp!
Philadelphia, PA USA.
Photo: Promohthree
Djursholm, Stockholm, Sweden.
Photo: Anders Nord.
Stockholm, Sweden.
Photo: Katt-Trappa.
A three floor cathouse with ladders in Finland. Very nice! Photo: Pirjo Sundqvist.

Stockholm, Sweden.
A fantastic five metres high indoor cat-tree. Build of the top of a pinetree.

Luleå, Sweden.
Photo: Hans Söderqvist.

More pictures at:

This must be for a cat. Stockholm, Sweden.
Very spectacular ladder in the town Umeå,
Northen Sweden.
Photo: Pär Lindholm.

Have a nice weekend folks!

Viersen, Germany.
Photo: Barbara Brocke

Nekobukuro Cat's House.

A mini theme park in Tokyo, Japan.

Lots of ladders, shelfs and fun boxes for the cats.

Time again for some cat-ladder-art.
Helsinki, Finland. Artist: Pekka Nevalainen.

Stockholm, Sweden.
Photo: Katt-Trappa.
One more ladder from the suburb Årsta. Stockholm. Sweden.
Photo: Katt-Trappa.