OK, this Swiss ladder is for sale. Make a bid for it here. The highest bid right now is CHF 168 (about 125 euros).

Photos by: Jack. Read all about this fantastic ladder Here!.

Münster, Germany. Photo: Kratzwas

Hi there!

I built also a catladder so here is a photo. I live in Utrecht (The Netherlands) in an old house so i cannot do anything with the doors so this was a nice alternative! My cat Janijs often also just sits outside on one of the stairs as a nice viewpoint over the neighbourhood.

Hope you like it!


This ladder has been featured before, but I get quite often mail with pictures of it, and I love it so I post it again. I like it so much that it even is on the cat-ladder Hall Of Fame.
Thanks to Steven McDonald who sent the picture this time!

And now for the best! The sender Kami77 wrote in the comments on July 30 this year, exactly where the stairs are!

"The one in Montreal, Canada is actually in Québec City, Canada. My collegue lives right there. Look for "877 Rue de Claire Fontaine, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada" in Google Maps and go to Street View. Turn until you see a parking spot with a grey Honda. You'll see the cat staircase right there."

Has posted a print screen below, and a link directly to the site so you can walk around in the neighborhood!


One of the conditions of getting married was that my wife's cat would be moving in with us. As we live in a first floor flat in London, a cat ladder was the only solution. I hope Prince likes his new ladder.

//Andy & Karen

Here is another cat-ladder that is for sale, or as good inspiration for a custom build. It costs about 250 euros. Ads can be found here.

By the way, Today is my birthday! 40! I am now an old man.
Yesterday I saw the worthless movie Kvarteret Skatan reser till Laholm. The only thing that was good was that you saw a cat-ladder in a scene at the beginning of the movie.

I do not usually publish indoor ladders, but make an exception here. For this is really good! Photo: Karl Sachs.