Gröndal, Stockholm, Sweden.

Grinderwald, Switzerland.

Sam LeBarron

Königsee, Bayern, Germany.

Photo: Daniele.

This is the thirt time this ladder is on the blog. Perhaps the most famous cat-ladder in the world?

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Very cute ladder in Böste, Sweden.

Ekkällan, Linköping, Sweden.
Photo: Per Enequist.

One of the best cat-ladder I've seen . Click to enlarge!
Hökarängen, Stockholm, Sweden.
Photo: AVF Manosque
Photo: Cannelle.
Luleå, Sweden.

Photo: Bibbi Forsman.
Made by Roland Ensle GmbH
in Eningen, Germany.
A ladder I built for my cats. I found half of a step ladder, brought it home and upholstered the wrungs, fixed the bottom to a cat-scratcher, and the top to a shelf. My cats love it! That is Pippin sitting up there.

Film by: Snarfgibble.