UK. Photo: Katie Tutt.

After a few days with fairly advanced cat-ladders, it is time for a fairly simple standard one. Do you like it? Buy this particular one at Ebay for EUR 19.99.

Germany. Photo: Michael Hoche.

OK, it's really Christmas Eve today. Two different emails with videos on the same day. It does not happen often!


We enjoy your site so much, and it was an inspiration for us as we embarked on our cat ladder construction journey.

We actually got our cat, Mittens, when we were living in the Dominican Republic. There, she was an indoor/outdoor cat who would come and go as she pleased, letting herself in and out through slats in a window that we never closed. After, we moved to Haiti, where she lived with us in Port-au-Prince for a year. Same story there: Mittens would let herself in and out of the house whenever she wanted, as we just had open windows with bars on them.

Upon moving to Boston a few months ago, we had to figure out a way for Mittens to maintain her free-wheeling lifestyle while living in a second-floor apartment. It took a couple of tries and modifications, but here's our finished product and its happy user.

//Stephanie & David

Sometimes Christmas comes early! Today I got a really fun email from George with a video of when he builds a cat-ladder, plus a small description of the project.

Hey there

I browsed your great collection of cat ladders for hours when researching cat ladder solutions. In the end I built one myself. I recorded the thing and put a 3.45m video together showing the main steps. Perhaps you like it for personal consumption or sharing on your blog.
Our cat is almost used to the ladder and I will follow up with a video of the ladder in use in the near future.

Best wishes


A more detailed description can be found if you go to Youtube page where the movie is. You can find it here.
Another regular cat-ladder movie, but wait a bit. It will be a surprise!

Film by: Yonmoore.
I found this image in a forum on the net. It is debatable whether it was ok to even let their cat out, or if you just should have them indoors. Someone wrote that "In America, it's considered cruel to keep a cat outdoors." What do you think?
You can find the forum here here

Italy. Photo: Carlo Boccalini.

Have you always wanted a houseboat in Amsterdam? Now is your chance to buy one that even has a cat-ladder! It's yours for only € 420,000. Click here for more information. Thank Doortje for the tip about this boat!


I'm such a geek, I love this blog so much. . . This is my simple ladder wedged against my 2nd floor studio (no nails or screws in the building or fence).

// Joel from Seattle, USA.

Italy. Photo: Sailko.