Switzerland. Photo: A. Arquint.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Photo: Børre Ludvigsen.

Sweden. Photo: Lucialdar.

The Netherlands. Photo. Sander.

Sweden. Photo: Like a Lady.

Merry Christmas to you all! My little fundraising so that I could buy me an iPad for Christmas was not so great :) Two submissions were received! Better than expected anyway. It was a big gamble, haha.

Many thanks to:
1. Claudia, Australia.
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Sweden. Photo: Maria Klasson.

Photo: Mcnick88.

Look at this! One ladder up to the window, and another over to the house across the street. Lucky bastard!

Photo: Erde Luft.
A little off topic but, there is a real outdoor staircase called "katzentreppe". It is located in the city Magdeburg in Germany! A real tourist attraction!

Sweden. Photo: Annika.

By the way, I added two links today. Two companies that customize cat-ladders. Really cool. Check them out!

Spiral Gatto

Ok, it's Friday and time for a really Filmfest! Below we follow the cat Nigel's adventures on his cat-ladder. In the last four films, there will an intruder dressed in black on a visit. Thrilling!
Movies by: Quaood.

The intruder! Now there is trouble in town!


Switzerland. Photo: Misty & Jeff.

This was pretty fun. Pictures of a cat learns to walk in her new cat-ladder. There are lots more photos on the project and small captions on the link here, highly recommended (NOTE: Scroll to the right of the page).

Photos: Ruos.
Sween. Photo: Emma Danielsson.

Switzerland. Photo: Optionmusique.

Germany: Photo: Scholle.

The Netherlands. Photo: Dokterjaap.

Switzerland. Photo: FA Zargen.

This I found in a Swedish newspaper. It says:

Dirty. Dog poop bags, cigarette packets and a cat ladder is thrown on the ground next to a house in Katrineholm. Photo: Kristina Rönnqvist.
You can find the article here here.

Photo: Jaykwaan.

Hönö, Sweden. Photo: Frojk.

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Portland, USA. Photo: Mollyvance.

First, I wonder if this really was a cat-ladder, or any kind of emergency exit for people. But, if you look at picture number two then you understand that it really is built for a cat (or dog). Unbelievable! Built and photographed by Glasswearstudio.