I would like to submit a couple of pics for your awesome blog.
I have adopted a stray cat, called Muis (Mouse), and in my current rental home, I was not allowed to make cat doors in my front door. My sister Anntje told me about your blog and I was inspired and so happy to have found a solution to free my cat! So, this ladder is made up of three parts and goes up from the inside of my window as a diagonally placed ladder, and then it goes outside along the wall and around the corner to my little front garden.

All credits to my sister Anntje, who designed the ladder with me, and to my other two sisters who have helped build the cat ladder.
Me and Muis are thankful for your awesome website which inspired us to design this one!

Cheers from Utrecht, The Netherlands!

// Yeattem

Hammarbyhöjden, Stockholm, Sweden.

Photo: Windgeist

Örebro, Sweden. Photo: Lisbet F.

Denmark. Photo: Jannie M.

Germany. Photo: Golli43.

The Netherlands. Johannes Abeling

Oh nooo, I have accidentally double post some pictures. But what the heck - this is the original images. The previous posting can be found here here.