Replay! A real favorite. Click through to the movie on YouTube for more information. The person who built the elevator has responded to comments there.

Thanks to Ben Mullen for the tip on this elevator.
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Photo: Amanda Moore.

Photo: Andiamo

Pfaffikon, Switzerland. Photo: Jason Haines.

Germany. Photo: Scolle.


Here is ninji the jailcat on her cat ladder on canoe island in lobster bay canada, she was a bad ass. we miss her a lot!

we love your website catladders!!! keep up the great work!

kindest greetings,
thomas and lindsay


Photo: Christina Thomsen.

The Cat Ladder.

Cat Cylinders.

Graham Stiffing Cat Tunnel.

Graham Peeking Out.

Oliver and Kali's cabin ladder in Wells, BC, Canada - a nice place for bird watching. Photo: Matt Tobey.

Zurich, Switzerland. Photo: Susanne.

Kassel, Germany. Photo: Flusenkatze.

Florence, Italy. Photo: Azuk.