Photo: Industar.

Switzerland. Photo: Doris Pemler.

Germany. Photo: HereIWalk.

Film by: Derkarts.

Rückersdorf, Germany. Buy this ladder here.

The Netherlands. Photo: Jana.

Switzerland. Photo: Ryan Kratochvil.

La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Photo: Vagod.

London, UK. Photo: Andrew Spode Miller

Not so much a ladder, but good use of what was available. Used a
couple of shelving brackets and some left over wood from the decking
so it didn't look out of place. The sil to the window wasn't quite
deep enough so I cut a piece to length and then screwed through the
plastic sil into the wood. Now all the cats can happily climb onto the
roof and through my bedroom window :)


Germany, Munich (Mandlstrasse). Photo: Simon Tennant.

It goes up into a treehouse and then there is a second ladder from the treehouse into the house. Wonderful!