New built ladder in Austria. Tested by a brave Cat Crash Dummy. Read more about it here.
Photo: Tomatengruen

Great one in Switzerland!
Photo: Jodi Univers.

Gubbängen, Stockholm, Sweden.

Winterthur, Switzerland.
Photo: Magazin Z.

Here is another picture on this ladder in Berlin, Germany!

Old ones here and here.
Baloo's ladder, located in Norrköping, Sweden.
Photo: Max Hedmark.

Buy this one here.

Darmstadt, Germany.
Photo: Tibor Bende.

Photo: Jule Bambule.

Aspudden, Stockholm, Sweden.

Photo: Zwahlen Haustechnik.

More pictures of this ladder here.
Photo: Doris Pemler.

Brand new ladder in Piteå, Sweden.
Built by Kattmuppen / Lina Björklund.

Emeryville, California, USA.
Photo: DiStefanoPDX

Hammarbyhöjden, Stockholm, Sweden.


If someone missed Gendy Alimurungs interview with me in LA WEEKLY, here it is again!

How did you become interested in cat ladders? Do you really like cats? Ladders?

It started when I was unemployed a couple of years ago. I had the time to take long walks and then I discovered that there was a lot of cat-ladders in my neighborhood. One day I took pictures. When I came home I started this blog and then it has just kept on going. Nowadays I always bring my camera and when I see a ladder I take a photo of it. People all over the world sends pictures of their own ladders or of ladders they have seen

Do you yourself own a cat?

No no, I'm allergic as hell to cats.

I had no idea that there were so many types of cat ladders. Your blog really opens my eyes to the whole phenomenon. Do you think that the cats really NEED ladders? Historically, it seems like cats have managed fairly well without them. Or maybe not?

If you live on the third floor in a suburb and have a cat you need a ladder. I don't think that the cat should be standing outside your door and have to wait that you let them in. The cats should be free and that's why I think a ladder is necessary.

You post pictures of ladders from all over the world. From what you've seen, which nation has the most cat ladders?

Three countries dominated. Germany, Switzerland and of course Sweden.

Have you ever seen a cat fall off a cat ladder? Some of those photos look like the cat is walking the plank! Some are dangerously high.

I haven't seen it with my own eyes but there is a footage posted on my blog on the 31 May this years with a cat falling down from a ladder. The mean German owner stands laughing at the poor cat. But I think that is a exception. Normally cats have a really good sense of balance so a narrow cat-ladder shouldn't be any problem for a cat.

Do people think you are strange for running a blog devoted to cat ladders? I suppose there are stranger things. But not much.

Generally speaking everyone thinks it's weird, yes. It's not like it's the first thing I talk about when I meet new people. But after some beers at a party I might bring it up and most people just shake their heads and ask me WHY?

True or False: "If you've seen one cat ladder, you've seen them all."

Totally wrong. There are so many variants. From the simplest planks to really custom-made spiral staircases. There is even companies here in Europe who are totally oriented in building cat-ladders.

What do you think the next big thing will elevators?

I have seen some footage on YouTube where people drag their cats in a basket up to their balcony. Maybe some more of that kind. But...I think that this with cat ladders just will grow and grow. Free the cats!
I received an e-mail from Thomas B. Fisk in Rochester, MN, USA, with a picture and a little story about the ladder. Thank you!

Your blog was the inspiration to build this short cat ladder to some unused space in my condo. The cat ladder is built from maple board stock, the brackets came from IKEA. My American Short-hair, Stormy, has been slow to investigate but he is finally starting to use it.

Amazing ladder in Germany.
Photo: Michael Huber.
Photo: Helmut Schweiger

Photo: Mungga.

And a high quality zoom :)

Here is one more picture of a ladder in Hallstadt, Austria.


And here is two old pictures.

Photo: Londonwesak2003.

Photo: Joni McFarland-Johnston.
Björkhagen, Stockholm, Sweden.
Photo: Emelie.

Photo: Gipsy Girl.

Hökarängen, Stockholm, Sweden.

Selva, Mallorca, Spain.
Photo: Georgina Pinder and Julia McGann.

Photo: Ziltener.
Basel, Switzerland.

This ladder is for sale here, for CHF 300 (aprx 200 Euro or Dollar).
Photo: Swampy.

Corsica, France.
Photo: Joseedutil

Göteborg, Sweden.
Photo: Roger Karlsson.

Photo: Jodi Univers.

Some kind of ladder and a cat-bridge.

Karlshafen, Germany.
Photo: Ninouche.
Åland, Finland.
Photo: Cecilia Dahlblom.

Zurich, Switzerland.
Photo: Doris Pemler.

Berchtesgaden, Germany.
Photo: Joel Surcouf.

This is the fourth picture of this ladder - here are the other ones again!

Photo: Daniele.

Photo: CM Varga.

Photo: FortunaAurum Joe.