Switzerland. Photo: Jodi Univers.

Given that your website was a wonderful inspiration to building our cat ladder I thought it only right I should send in a photo of my finished product!

The picture shows my neigbour's son giving some encouragement to my cat Ethel to join him for a play in the garden. The steps were crafted and finished by his father, top neighbours!

//Sarah Parsons

Here's my homebuild cat ladder. I made it for my sister in law (or her cats) so that they can reach the top window.

Regards, Jan Hofman

In my search for cat-ladders I went to the Austrian Alps, but found only one and I saw it from a bus window. You can see it at the bottom right of the picture. I heard that if they allow their cats to be outside they will be eaten by Big Foot/Yeti.

More pictures from my vacation, you will find here.
Switzerland. Buy this ladder at Swiss - Katzentreppen.

Saas-Fee, Switzerland. The top image photographed by Christian Løverås.

Germany. Photo: Heikeg.

Cisie, Poland. Photo: Mikołaj Górnicki.