Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Photo: Mr. Imberg.

Hi there,

The boys at the Young Money Man$ion in Edinburgh made this ladder for their cat Marquis. We would love to feature on your blog! Let us know, thanks,

Germany. Photo: Dorli.

Wow! Your web site is great and i thought i was the only crazy cat lady that had ladders for her cats. We have a brick 5ft wall round our garden and we built some ladders for our cats to get out more easily.There are 3 pictures attached, one is of the perches we put in our tree so they could sun themseleves and look out over their neighbourhood

Portsmouth UK.

The cat Minús ladder. Self-made by Christian and Genny
in Como, Italy for only 20 €.

This is pretty funny. A police officer in Stockholm who tweet about different kinds of interventions in the city. Read this tweet from 31 October.

Police patrol 8 thought they were chasing a burglar in dark clothing climbed the balconies on Brännkyrkagatan. It was a only local resident who built a cat-ladder.