This special access cat ladder was designed to ease the cat's exit from an upper level apartment. Easier for me and her! Maddee became familiar with the ladder over a week and used it from top to bottom with a little coaching on day 8. After that she was coached to use it a few more times and now she is very competent in getting up and down. Although she didn't really want to come down at the time this video was shot, she listens very well and came down with my urging.

Film and text by: Earth Mother Healer.

Photo: Nick Marchuk.
Uppsala, Sweden. Photo: Tommy Arvidson.

Germany. Photo: Ina-Lena.

France: Photo: KER.

Germany. Photo: Winge0173.

Geneva, Switzerland.

Bremerhaven, Germany. Photo: Timmy K.

How about a little cat-ladder sightseeing in Sweden. Please visit the link here and scroll a bit to right and you will find a ladder :)

Google Map rules.

Updated! I just discovered that if you walk around on the map, you can find several ladders in the same block.
Photo: Suitenguae.

This is a little off topic, but I liked it!


I've seen a catladder-art entry in your fantastic blog. I've build a kind of cat-silhouette. Hope you'll enjoy the pictures.

//Roger Layola, Barcelona, Catalonia.

ps: there's a huge cat sculpture in Barcelona, build by the colombian artist Fernando Botero:

To really see what it looks like, check out this Google Map link.

Thanks for your site. I really enjoy it!

This is a cat ladder I build for my girlfriends two cats so they can explore the neighbors garden. It's in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

I also set up an IZON motion camera so she gets a push notification with a video on her iPhone when the cats use the ladder (see attached iPhone screenshot).

Greets, Alex E

Photo: Lizz11.

This is actually a dog ramp, but it might as well be built for a cat. Read more about it and see more pictures here.
Photo: Harbor Renovering, Seattle, USA.

I woke up this morning and open the email and it was like Christmas again! I love getting these kinds of detailed email with multiple pictures and a video. Thank you Roger!!


Congratulations, your cat-ladders blog is amazing!
I've just build a ramp to help my cat to access the upper floor. The ramp is placed in the city of Barcelona, Country: Catalonia.

Roger L.

Norrtälje, Sweden. Photo: Lena Strömberg.

Photo: Suprdupr.

Holger from Germany really knows how to build a good cat-ladder with a cat flap.

Germany. Photo: Oktagon. A very nice ladder indeed! It's called Faltkatzenleiter and can be purchased here.

Norsesund, Sweden. Photo: SGB.

Photo: Swissms.


I sure do enjoy your "Cat Ladders Hall of Fame"! Attached are some photos of our cat bridge - that goes from a large pine tree to our 2nd-story condo window (about 12 feet away). We built this since our condo door opens into a common area that has another outside door at the bottom of a staircase. We have 2 black cats, and the younger (long-haired) one Gus has learned to use the bridge and the steps on the tree. We have a cat door in the window. (It would be great if you want to include our bridge/steps on your site. We got inspiration from your photos in the first place.)

Martha. Durango, Colorado.