A mobile home ladder! I wonder a little why not the cat can use the usual entrance a few feet away. Newermind - The picture was taken in New Zealand by Jim Tucker.

This is not the first time I've seen this type of caravan ladder. This one from Switzerland posted here a few years ago. Photo: Jodi Univers.

Ok, after almost a thousand pictures - Here is a top ten list of countries that have most cat-ladders in the world. Scientifically calculated by the number of images that are posted on this blog.

1. Sweden, 218
2. Switzerland, 113
3. Germany, 82
4. United States, 50
5. The Netherlands, 23
6. Austria, 16
7. United Kingdom, 15
8. Canada, 12
9. France, 10
10. Finland, 7

Congratulations to Sweden for first place!
Fine staircase with a small tunnel that protects your cat from falling down into the basement entrance. The first of this model I've seen. Lovely!

Photo: Jodi Univers.
Germany: Photo: Erde Luft.

Check out this amazing new product. A foldable cat-ladder. Available to buy from the German company Falt-Katzenleiter.

Bern, Switzerland. Photo: Stefan Rovetto

Photo: Antville

Nacka, Stockholm, Sweden. Photo: Hanna och Lubbe... och Vilma.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Photo: Mr. Imberg.

Hi there,

The boys at the Young Money Man$ion in Edinburgh made this ladder for their cat Marquis. We would love to feature on your blog! Let us know, thanks,

Germany. Photo: Dorli.

Wow! Your web site is great and i thought i was the only crazy cat lady that had ladders for her cats. We have a brick 5ft wall round our garden and we built some ladders for our cats to get out more easily.There are 3 pictures attached, one is of the perches we put in our tree so they could sun themseleves and look out over their neighbourhood

Portsmouth UK.

The cat Minús ladder. Self-made by Christian and Genny
in Como, Italy for only 20 €.

This is pretty funny. A police officer in Stockholm who tweet about different kinds of interventions in the city. Read this tweet from 31 October.

Police patrol 8 thought they were chasing a burglar in dark clothing climbed the balconies on Brännkyrkagatan. It was a only local resident who built a cat-ladder.

Montréal, Canada. Photo: Briques du Neige.

Prague, Czech Republic. Photo: R Ouding

Construction of cat-ladder in Bern, Switzerland. Photo: Hurni Christoph

Time for another movie!


I would like to submit a couple of pics for your awesome blog.
I have adopted a stray cat, called Muis (Mouse), and in my current rental home, I was not allowed to make cat doors in my front door. My sister Anntje told me about your blog and I was inspired and so happy to have found a solution to free my cat! So, this ladder is made up of three parts and goes up from the inside of my window as a diagonally placed ladder, and then it goes outside along the wall and around the corner to my little front garden.

All credits to my sister Anntje, who designed the ladder with me, and to my other two sisters who have helped build the cat ladder.
Me and Muis are thankful for your awesome website which inspired us to design this one!

Cheers from Utrecht, The Netherlands!

// Yeattem

Hammarbyhöjden, Stockholm, Sweden.

Photo: Windgeist

Örebro, Sweden. Photo: Lisbet F.

Denmark. Photo: Jannie M.

Germany. Photo: Golli43.

The Netherlands. Johannes Abeling

Oh nooo, I have accidentally double post some pictures. But what the heck - this is the original images. The previous posting can be found here here.

A friend who was renting my loft had a cat who didn't get along with mine (and they were also indoor) so I built this cat ladder. There's a sheet of plexiglass on the front and carpet is on the treads. A ramp at the top that's perpendicular to the other ones led to a cat door on the second floor and there's another at the bottom. I set up a camera to capture this video of it in action. Enjoy!



Your blogspot has helped me and my cat greatly. I send you some pictures. Would be nice to see them in the catladder gallery. They are a bit like the catladder from Groningen (The Netherlands). Me and my cat Luca Little Lightbeam live in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Thank you and keep up the good spirits.

// Elvira

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