Hi Jimmy,

Ever since I first found your wonderful blog I've been looking for this picture. It's a photocopy of a picture in an article in a German magazine, probably Stern, probably twenty years ago. It shows the Aichach prison with catladders. There was also a picture of men prisoners feeding the cats, but I haven't got that any longer. The text underneath says Facade of Aichach prison (JVA = Justizvollzugsanstalt) with cat ladder.

Regards, Margaret M

Switzerland. Photo: Henzi E.

Hi Jimmy,

Love the blog.

Thought you might like to post our cat Kali's new ladder. Being my handy-work, she was a little cautious at first but she loves it now.

Many thanks, Brian H.

Really nice and simple design. I love it. Build one yourself, or buy just this one, here! Only 200 CHF, I really have no idea how much that is in Euros, but it does not sound so much. First come first served!

Yesterday on my walk home, I found a new cat-ladder in my neighborhood, yippie!

This can be yours for € 35. Buy it here.

Swedish Landlord prohibits cat-ladders. Really stupid if you ask me. Read the full article here!

Photo: Anna Sofia Hakeberg.