Ok folks, now it's time for some extra good movies. First, a fantastic home made spiral staircase.

And then, the same ladder but at night. Includes built-in lights! Unbelievable!

As if that was not enough. Check out this amazing outdoor playground for cats. Built by the same person. Namely Goldfrapp68 in Italy.

Now you know what to do this weekend. Go to the nearest DIY store and buy everything you need and then start building. Your cat deserves it!

By the way. Please spread the link to this blog to all your friends. I have lost 33% of visitors when compared to last year. Sad but true :(
Oh, I love the cat-ladder emails. This I got today.

Good Morning!

I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU! You’re website has been an invaluable help to me and my cat. I live in a first floor flat and was told I couldn’t have a cat flap in my front door as it would only lead to a communal area. After a bit of research I cam across this blog site and had a eureka moment. I haven’t quite managed to get my cat to go up the whole ladder yet but it’s only been up 2 days – so fingers crossed!

Thanks so much to you and the other cat ladder bloggers for truly inspirational ideas and designs!

// Niki (& Weasley the Cat) - Cambridgeshire, UK.


UK. Photo: Delboy247.


Photo: Leila Kastelli.

Now it has been three red ladders in a row. It's just a coincidence. Just so you know! Nothing to worry about.

Have a nice weekend!
Wow! This was really cool. A detachable ladder with a hook so you can attach it on the balcony. Quick and Easy!

Sweden. Photo: Britt-Marie H.

Switzerland. Fr sale by owner here.

Germany. Photo: Funny08.