Östberga, Stockholm, Sweden. Photo: Agnieszka.

Winterthur, Switzerland. Photo: Leonie.

The top cat-ladder has been featured on the blog before. Namely, in March 2009. But not with the same poetic graffiti. Click here to see the pictures.
The other night when I, as usual, was sitting front of the tv and ate chips, I saw a commercial for a lock company and in the background of the film was seen a cat-ladder. Here is a snapshot. In order to watch it, click here.

Film by: Joakim Thörn
Who need one of those fancy ladders? There's a tree growing conveniently close to our deck, which our cat, Cally, uses as a regular access route to the second storey. I understand she's not the first cat living in the house to do so.

// Kerry in New Zealand

Hi, I saw your site with the cat ladders, very good… bravo ! Here are photos from our cat ladder ! We are in Switzerland. Best wishes and love from us and our cats Ami and Leo.


This is a cat ladder made for a flat in London. There was no outdoor access for the cat from the first floor flat, so a catflap was put in the window and the three section ladder installed to allow the cat into the garden. The ladder had to be strong enough to take the weight of the cat, but weak enough that it would not allow an intruder to gain entry.

Photo and text by: Richard Grant Woodworking.