Switzerland. Photo: Fbiendli.

Switzerland. Photo: Masdebea.

Photo and text from the blog: Apocalypse Cow.

I built this cat ladder a few months ago. There was a big orchard ladder there, but it had to be moved (I only arrange 95% of things to benefit my cat). It’s made two 2x4’s from an old outdoor table (redwood I think) and has rope wrapped around it to help with traction when going down.

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. Photo: Justine Solan.

Switzerland. Photo: Blue Eye 33.

Stockholm, Sweden. Photo: ME!!!!

Cat-Ladder in Germany.

Germany. Photo: Miradetmold.

Switzerland. Photo: Deluyx.

Hello , we live in the north of France and here the stairs to our cats that we built to access the attic .... good day

// Laurence B.

Switzerland. Photo: H Thomas.