Kt. Aargau, Switzerland.
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These photos of cat ladders were taken at a friend’s of mine home In Panzano in Tuscany, Italy. Her name is Lucia and has an immense passion for cats. Please note you have already other Panzano photos but with wrong spelling (Penzano). The cat ladders in your blog were manufactured by the same person (Luca) who made my friend’s.

This cat ladder (called gatto rampa by its creators and users) is beautiful as it’s partly hidden by the Ivy and this little garden in the oldest part of this medieval village in chianti, looks like a little jungle . There is a plan to replace it in the future by another nicer and more structured one. This lovely red cat in the photo is called Giotto and is 16 years old so he prefers using the kitchen window on the first floor but late Burricchio used it all the time and future cats living here will use it a lot for sure.

Congratulations for your great blog.

Mark& Lucia

Do you remember the movie the other day. Here is the same ladder, but a different cat.

Kärrtorp, Stockholm, Sweden.

Oooops, the blog turns black. I'm working on it.

/ J
Hinterhof, Germany.
Photo: Mariaw579

Photo: Jodi Univers

One more picture of this ladder in Basel, Switzerland.

Photo: Tino Morchel.
Do you remember the fantastic Goat towers? Here is an equally amazing cat-tower in Oregon, California, USA.
Photo: Toto Masa and Revalani

Germany. Buy it at www.katzenleiter.com