Paris, France. Photo: Isawell.


One for the blog page. Not the prettiest of constructions, but effective! Not only is it used by my cat, Digby, but he has a friend (and a few enemies) that use it to come and see him as well now. Greg, London.

The use of super-genius sock-wire is demonstrated by our cat. The ladder was designed specifically for use with the tilting window. The cat can not get hurt, because the wedges of the windows are covered with wood. In addition, the window so you can open even in winter, because prevents the cottage in the output, a direct draft. And all this WITHOUT hole in the window. Perfect for an apartment for rent.

Photo and text by: Craazy Cat Woman
Germany. Photo: Pekka.

A film about how you can practice with your cat to get used to his new staircase.
Zurich, Switzerland. Photo: Pavel Percy Klvana.

Switzerland. Photo: Karin und Felix.

Dresten, Germany. Photo: SonjaBuchwald

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