Stureby, Stockholm, Sweden.

Hökarängen, Stockholm, Sweden.

Another mail. This time from Megan Galindo in San Fransico, California, USA.


I have attached some photos of our cat ramp in San Francisco, CA for you to post on your website.

My husband built it for my cat Leo. Not an easy feat since the was a very narrow area to put the ladder and the ramps go up the the third story. He covered each ramp with a tightly woven indoor/outdoor carpeting so Leo would have something to sink his claws into.
Leo loves his cat ramp and we love that he doesn't have to meow incessantly every time he wants to go out or be let in.

// Megan

Mail from Liz:

I haven't built it, but I think it would work. The dowels could be bolted from the bottom of each step, or sideways to the end of each step. And would look nice with decorative tops, like a stair railing.

Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

Photo: Kophieps.
Hi, here a picture of the cat ladder we build for them in our house in Tournai, Belgium. This gives access from the basement to the garden. Picture take when all 4 of them were waiting for cat door to be opened.

/ Rakth

WOW! One of the best cat ladder I ever seen!

King´s Cross, London, UK.
Photo: Virgilio Anderson.

If you want to see this cat ladder in all its glory, it's in the garden at the rear of Tony's Natural Food Stores, Caledonian Road (a nice veggie cafe 5 mins walk from King's Cross station).

I can recommend the Battenburg Cake - nyum, nyum, nyum!

// Virgilio

Los Angeles, USA.
Photo: Jami Petzak.
San Francisco, USA.
Photo: Angelique Pendley.

Los Angeles, USA.

A ladder constructed with two ten-foot two-by-fours, an old rug and a bunch of nails and long screws.

Dan Degnan.

Stureby, Stockholm, Sweden.
The 12 year old cat Mischa needed a way to get to the sleeping loft. 2 Ikea shelves, cut in half, 4 brackets, and some manly-man carpentry skills resulted in this cat ladder!

Photo: Chez Shoes
More pictures and MOVIES here.

A cat ladder, a cat ramp, and a cat peephole!

Read more about it here.

Oakland, California, USA.
DIY Insanity

Bandhagen, Stockholm, Sweden.

Zermatt, Switzerland.
Photo: Live 2 Travel Now

Tallkrogen, Stockholm, Sweden.

Here is one that i found today. Or two. Why two ladders? Anyway. The picture is taken in the suburb Hökarängen, just south of Stockholm.

Off topic again, but. I was cruising my bicycle looking for cat-ladders in the southern suburbs of Stockholm when I notice this piece of art. The name of the little statue is "En katt med en tratt på en hatt" or in English "A cat with a funnel on a hat". Very nice!

Photo: Lilibo.

Los Angeles, U.S.A
Photo: Tom.

To watch this video - follow this link.
Schwangau, Germany.
If you look carefully, you can see that there is a metal bannister at each side of the ladder so that the cat cannot fall down.

Photo: Ryoko Akiyama.
New built ladder in Switzerland. Read the whole story about the ladder here. Photo: She.Geek

2 different ladders leading to a kittyloft at the Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Photo: June.