Prague,Czech Republic.
Photo: Alex

Another picture of this ladder here!
It's Friday. That means movie time! A new tradition (perhaps).

This is the first time that my lovely kitten Jhammy tried to climb down the cat-ladder by himself :)
I took it by Iphone so the quality and the voice maybe not good, but hope you all will like his first time climbing down ...

Film by: Rythmiz
Trondheim, Norway.
Photo: Katteherberget

Photo: Bonehead

Photo: Doris Pemler

I received an e-mail from a man named Lyle Goding. I love e-mails!


Your blog helped me with the basics for creating my cat ladder. I thank you and Buddy thanks you more.
When I first moved into my house I had a cat porch that was in a 1st story window. After I remodeled the pantry into a bathroom (with smaller window) the porch disappeared. But once I learned of the cat ladder I rebuilt the porch for the 2nd story and added a ladder.The porch has an In & an Out flap made of window screen with a weight at the bottom to prevent flapping. The roof is sloped and made of resin coated masonite. It fits into the window like an AC unit. Sometimes he lazes on the porch and waits for the dog to leave the back yard. In the summer Buddy loves it and in the winter he misses it. I love it in the summer since he no longer wakes me up at 4 AM to be let out.

Thanks again, Lyle

Our cat kept waking us up at 2:00 in the morning to go
outside and in so we built her a ramp to go up and down.
The sign's say "Route 77 Cat Nip Lane" "Private Road Bonnie Only"

Film by: Lindsey Sieben
Lyngsta, Sweden.
Photo: Stefan Jansson

Kärrtorp, Stockholm, Sweden.