I got a nice mail, but i have no good answers to the two questions. Can someone help?

Hi I just discovered your wonderful blog site katt-trappa!

I was searching google images for cat ladders. I was wondering if you might have some information that might help me?

1. I live in the UK and would like to get a cat ladder as I maybe moving to a 2nd or 3rd floor flat. Has anybody ever told you of places where you can buy cat ladders in the UK or get people to make them for you?

2. Also do have you ever heard of any problems with burglars (thieves, robbers etc) using a cat ladder to break into flats and houses? It might not be too big a problem in Sweden but in the UK the crime rate can be very high, especially in big cities like where I live in Manchester.

These cat ladders seem popular in Europe and Scandinavia. I wish there would be more in the UK!

Kind Regards and keep up the good work on your site!

Eskilstuna, Sweden.

Photo: Martin F.
Bagarmossen, Stockholm, Sweden.
Another cat who dont need some stupid ladder!

London, England.

Photo: Ugly Bloke.

Campers in Switzerland really love their cats!

Photo: Jodi Univers
Missing ladder part 3.

Something evil happens in the suburb Björkhagen just outside of Stockholm. Several cat-ladders have disappeared the last weeks.

Click to enlarge the picture!

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