A mobile home ladder! I wonder a little why not the cat can use the usual entrance a few feet away. Newermind - The picture was taken in New Zealand by Jim Tucker.

This is not the first time I've seen this type of caravan ladder. This one from Switzerland posted here a few years ago. Photo: Jodi Univers.

Ok, after almost a thousand pictures - Here is a top ten list of countries that have most cat-ladders in the world. Scientifically calculated by the number of images that are posted on this blog.

1. Sweden, 218
2. Switzerland, 113
3. Germany, 82
4. United States, 50
5. The Netherlands, 23
6. Austria, 16
7. United Kingdom, 15
8. Canada, 12
9. France, 10
10. Finland, 7

Congratulations to Sweden for first place!
Fine staircase with a small tunnel that protects your cat from falling down into the basement entrance. The first of this model I've seen. Lovely!

Photo: Jodi Univers.
Germany: Photo: Erde Luft.

Check out this amazing new product. A foldable cat-ladder. Available to buy from the German company Falt-Katzenleiter.

Bern, Switzerland. Photo: Stefan Rovetto

Photo: Antville

Nacka, Stockholm, Sweden. Photo: Hanna och Lubbe... och Vilma.