Germany. Photo: Biggibar.

Espergærde, Denmark. Photo: Camilla and Ole.


First of all I want to say how great it is to see all those pictures of catladders. Here is a picture of our own little stairway to freedom.

Kind regards

The Dutch newspaper Parool has done a great article about cat-ladders where they are also mentioned and linked to this blog. I can not Dutch, but if you can, click on the pictures to enlarge and read! Many thanks to the person who posted the magazine to me (has happened to throw away the mail with your name).

Text: Annemiek Verbeek
Photo: Johannes Abeling

Well, and this is me, reading the newspaper.

Seattle, Washington. Photo: Zach Musgrave.

Interior view of cat patio at top of ladder and window-mounted cat door:

Before painting:

Finally, a video:

Florence, Italy. Photo: Mad Maple

Årsta, Stockholm. Photo: Majsan.

Helsinki, Finland. Photo: Tomi Tapio