Photo: Snowcat Blog

Delémont, Switzerland.
Photo: Tim Haye.

Svelunda Gård, Eskilstuna, Sweden.

Earlier this year, I received a picture from Wikipedia - Metros Mästerkatt and today I get another on the same ladder, but with snow! Thank you!

Photo: Jeep22.

Copenhagen, Denmark.
Photo: Karsten Sedal

Zurich, Switzerland.
Photo: Roger Arquer

Düsseldorf, Germany.

This snowy ladder can be yours for EUR 125,00.
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Tallkrogen, Stockholm, Sweden.

Photo: JulineB
Wollerau, Switzerland.
Photo: Rüeblirock Heinz Fässler

25 more pictures and two movies on this staircase here
Photo: CrazyMrJohn

The more comfortable way to get into the garden. The elevator is fully operated by the cat. The cabin is fitted with an infrared catflap, only the domestic cat has access.
It's cold as hell here in stockholm now ( -12 degree Celsius = 10.4 degree Fahrenheit) But here are some sunny pictures taken last summer in the suburb Stureby in Stockholm / Sweden.

Link to many live webcams in snowy Stockholm (my hometown).
Kämpfelbach, Germany.