Your site inspired me to have this deluxe ladder built for my two cats! It replaced a rickety spiral one that came with the apartment. It seemed unsafe and my older cat (14) would only use it to go down. Rather than climbing up it, he always insisted on being let in through the front door of the apartment building.

It’s been a few weeks now with the sturdy new ladder and sadly, he still meows to be let in. He happily goes down without any problems. Using treats, I can coax him partway up from ground level – even most of the way if I get on a ladder myself. But if I call him from the top of the ladder – forget it! He doesn’t seem to understand that he should climb up to reach the balcony.

I moved into this building 14 months ago, and I can seldom sleep through the night because Buddy calls me to be let in. (In the dead of winter I DO lock the cat flap, but the younger cat (6) really resents this restriction and makes a lot of noise.) Thankfully, I have two super nice neighbors who let Buddy in when I’m not home.

The vet has examined him and says he’s in good health without any obvious leg or joint problems. And even I can see that he moves well on the new ladder.

So I don’t understand and I’m getting discouraged. Do you have any advice?

Sleepless in Bern, Switzerland, Susan.

Please come with advice in the comments / Jimmy.

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