Hi there!

I love your blog; keep up the good work.

I have built a very simple yet very effective sort of hidden indoor cat ladder.

It combines two things:
1) cats find it relaxing to have the option to climb higher up.
2) that useless empty space on your shelves behind your books, or in my case, dvds? That is now finally being put to good use.

The pictures speak for themselves. Just cut a few holes in your shelves and space them opposite of one another.

The cat is quite big, but they are nimble beasts and he has no problems using it when he feels like it. No dvds are ever pushed out, but you can prevent it anyway either by simply packing the books/dvds in tightly or if you want to put in more effort, create some sort of divider wall.

I hope you like it.

D de Jonge
The Netherlands

And here are a highly professional instruction for the catladder!

Huge thanks to D de Jonge for sending these pictures!

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